Simple Lifestyle Changes For Heartburn Cure

While the modern lifestyle offers a wide variety of comforts and luxuries, it also has its own set of problems. Heart attacks, hypertension, cancer and even heartburn are all modern-day diseases that are a result of sedentary lifestyle, improper eating habits, erratic schedules and so on. This is the main reason why doctors all over the world, recommend lifestyle modifications for treating various disorders including heartburn.Here is a list of simple lifestyle changes that can help you prevent those ugly and painful bouts of heartburn:Lose Weight – As is already known, overweight and obese people are at a higher risk of suffering from heartburn. This is because overeating can increase the amount of acid in the stomach. By reducing your overall food intake and by losing weight, you will reduce the amount of acid in your stomach and thus decrease your chances of suffering from heartburn.Healthy Diet – Maintain a food diary and note down the foods that trigger your heartburn. You will notice that simply by cutting out on such foods, you can dramatically reduce your heartburn bouts – in terms of their intensity as well as recurrence. This does not mean you have to avoid all your favorite foods, just limit your intake and maintain a balanced diet. Also increase your intake of high fiber foods, as they help in binding the stomach acids together and help in both preventing heartburn and establishing a heartburn cure. Include more of apples, berries, oats and other such high-fiber foods in your diet and see the remarkable effect these have on your heartburn.Low Carbohydrate Diet – Foods rich in carbohydrates like bread and pasta are known to trigger heartburn in certain people. While this is not clinically proven, a lot of people who followed a low-carbohydrate diet noticed improvements in their heartburn.Quit Smoking – Tobacco is one of the biggest culprits behind heartburn as it contributes to an increase in stomach acids. Also if you have been smoking since many years, you are at a greater risk of suffering from Esophageal Cancer & Barrett’s Esophagus. Say No to smoking, if you want to get rid of your heartburn.Avoid Alcohol – Alcoholic drinks especially wine and beer are powerful triggers for heartburn as they lead to an increase in stomach acid. If you cut down on your alcohol intake, you will notice remarkable improvement in your heartburn too.Chew Gums & Candies – You would have noticed that chewing a gum or a candy, greatly increases the production of saliva in your body. Saliva is a great way of neutralizing the stomach acids naturally and preventing heartburn attacks. However, these do not include nicotine-replacement lozenges or throat tablets, as they can end up increasing your heartburn.Sip Herbal Teas – There are a wide range of herbal teas available these days, that can help prevent heartburn from occurring and reduce the intensity of symptoms. A lot of these herbs are known for their healing qualities, when taken in a diluted form and can provide quick relief to heartburn sufferers. Some herbal teas you can try are Chamomile, Peppermint, Parsley and so on.Vitamins & Minerals – Vitamin deficiency can also be a cause of recurring heartburn, thus it is best to check if you are suffering from any such deficiencies. Increasing your consumption of vitamins such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin C etc can help alleviate heartburn and improve your overall health.Adjust your Pillow – Many heartburn sufferers find raising their pillows by a few inches, an effective way of preventing heartburn. This may be because by raising the pillow, you are aiding gravity that further prevents the flow of stomach acids into the esophagus. You can also buy special pillows that are specifically designed for nighttime heartburn sufferers.Drink more juices – Fresh cabbage and potato juice can help prevent heartburn to a great extent. Aloe Vera juice is another great option for reducing heartburn bouts and alleviating its various symptoms.
By following the above mentioned simple rules and adjusting your lifestyle just a bit, you can prevent heartburn to a large extent and in some cases, get rid of it completely.

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Is This Burning Pain Really Heartburn?

Chest pain, shortness of breath, burning sensation – these are some of the common symptoms of heartburn. But the nature of this disease and its symptoms is such that it is very easy to confuse it for something else.While confusing a normal heartburn episode with heart attack is not much of an issue, just imagine the repercussions if it was the other way round. What if you suffer from a much serious ailment but do not take any actions, thinking it is nothing but heartburn that can be treated with normal medicines. The consequences can be fatal, to say the least.Thus it is absolutely essential to differentiate between heartburn and other diseases that involve similar symptoms. Let us have a look at some common health disorders that can be confused with heartburn and vice versa:Heart Attack – Similar in name and in symptoms, heart attack tops the list of illnesses that can be confused with heartburn. While throbbing chest pain and breathlessness are the common signs of heart attack, there are a few other signs that can help you differentiate between heartburn and heart attack:• A heartburn victim normally uses fingers to point to the source of the pain, while a heart attack victim will use a clenched fist to point to the area from where the pain originated.• Heartburn pain is more localized, while heart attack pain covers a larger area• Heartburn pain remains confined to the chest area, but heart attack pain can spread to other areas of the body especially neck and arms• Some other symptoms of heart attack include nausea, cold sweat, and dizziness; while heartburn symptoms are usually just pain and burning sensation in the chest.If you see any of these symptoms or have the slightest doubt in your mind, call 911 immediately and get medical help.Angina – Angina refers to a painful or uncomfortable sensation in the chest that occurs when part of the heart does not receive enough oxygen. And since the first symptoms of this disease are similar to heartburn, it is commonly mistaken for the same. There are two common indicators that can help you differentiate between Heartburn & Angina -• If your pain usually begins after eating a meal, it is most likely heartburn but if the pain in your chest increases with exertion and reduces after resting for some time, you might be suffering from Angina.• Most people resort to using an antacid to alleviate heartburn symptoms. If this improves your condition and helps you get rid of the discomfort then it could well have been heartburn but if your pain does not reduce with an antacid, consult your doctor immediately and get checked for Angina.Also, antacids do not always work in heartburn cases, thus it is best to consult a doctor to find out the exact cause of your chest pain.Indigestion: Another digestive disorders that is commonly confused with Heartburn, is Indigestion. While both these health disorders are associated with digestive problems, and some of the cures also might be similar – they can still be distinguished from each other through some common signs -• Pain caused due to Indigestion is confined to the stomach area, while heartburn is a result of flow-back of stomach acids into the esophagus, thus the pain is confined to the chest area.• Indigestion might also be accompanied by flatulence and feeling of being bloated, while heartburn can cause breathlessness.• Heartburn causes severe burning pain in the chest while pain due to indigestion is more moderate and tolerable.Hiatus Hernia: Hernia is a painful condition in which a part of the stomach slides away from its normal position causing extreme discomfort. One of the very first symptoms of Diaphragmatic Hernia is Heartburn, which explains why it is repeatedly confused with it. Often patients do not realize they have Hernia, until the condition becomes so bad that it requires surgical intervention.The only major symptom of Hernia is that the pain becomes worse on bending or lying down. There are two categories of Hiatus Hernia -• Sliding Hiatus Hernia: This is one of the most common forms of hernia that occurs when a part of the stomach slides down from its normal position into the lower part of the esophagus. The symptoms bear close resemblance with heartburn, which is why most people suffering from sliding hiatus hernia try self-treating their condition through heartburn remedies.• Paraesophageal Hiatus Hernia: Unlike sliding hernia, Paraesophageal hernia is more serious and painful and often requires immediate surgical treatment. In this condition, the stomach gets pushed behind the esophagus, in a position where it can get trapped by the diaphragm resulting in its blood supply being cut off. This is a rare condition, thus the chances of your suffering from it are also very low.Again, a doctor is the best judge of your condition and it is best to consult a doctor and get yourself checked before drawing any conclusion on your own.Peptic Ulcer: Peptic ulcer refers to the condition in which the lining of your small intestine gets eroded, causing an ulceration of the stomach walls. It is a painful problem that has varied symptoms including nausea, heartburn, chest pain and sometimes none at all. Check if your heartburn is also accompanied by abdominal pain that gets better or worse after a meal. If yes, you might be suffering from Peptic ulcer and not just Heartburn.
The above mentioned list includes just a few common health disorders that can be confused as Heartburn, however there are many more such diseases that can show symptoms similar to heartburn. The best way is to consult your doctor and get yourself checked. Correct diagnosis is extremely essential, to help you follow the right treatment procedure.